Saturday, November 1, 2014

I think combining tDCS and Diplopia (game) is working

I did get a warning from a friend who linked me to a Sovoto post where someone mentioned that the game Diplopia had given him--well--diplopia.  No doubt, I do have diplopia, and have always had diplopia.  It just got stronger when I started doing vision therapy.

The diplopia has indeed gotten stronger since I've been playing Diplopia, and much stronger when I started incorporating tDCS in the Diplopia routine.  But I'm not worried about it because the diplopia  means that my brain is ignoring my left eye less and less.  As long as that happens alongside improved mobility and coordination of that eye, then we're good.  And that does seem to be what's happening.

Some of the metrics that I use for measuring alignment are definitely showing indications of progress.  For instance, taking pictures of my eyes while tilting my head down while looking up at the mirror shows significantly less hypertropia than before.  Also when I looked down at my left foot for the double left foot, the double images are almost single.  Also, driving has improved quite a bit--just my confidence in changing lanes and knowing what's there.

Also, I'm really kicking ass at the Bricks game.  But there's still quite a bit improvement to be had. What seems to work best for me is two days on (with tDCS), two days off.  I really wanted to do Diplopia yesterday but I made myself not do it because I knew that I would benefit from the rest.  And indeed the next morning my vision looked great.  Vision therapy is sort of like weight training.  You don't get stronger while you're working out.  You get stronger during the time off.  Well, break time is off for now.  I've got two more days of intense training.

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