Monday, July 21, 2014

Random thought

I ran out of contact lenses for my right myopic (-.075) eye last week, so the result was that I used no contacts at all for about seven days.

When I got myself prescribed for the lenses it felt like it made a substantial difference in the quality of my vision, because it did.  I notice that without corrective lenses when I'm looking off in the distance with my right eye, my vision kind of sucks compared to the quality of the image when looking right the left eye.  Even when I closed my left eye to avoid any kind of rivalry or influence, I couldn't get my right eye to accommodate enough to get the image to come in clearly.

But as the week went by, the difference in the quality seemed to be less.  My myopic eye still isn't quite up to snuff with the left eye for viewing distant objects, but it seems that like it improved substantially in only a week.  I wonder if my distance accommodation improved over the week as a result of using my eye more.

Before when I was getting prescribed the contacts, I was suppressing quite a lot (simply not using), so it would make sense why accommodation might suck for one of my eyes.  But now I'm suppressing quite a bit less, and thus, I'm using both eyes more.  So when the brain gets the signal that it needs to contract the lens to make it thinner for distance accommodation, it works harder to do it, because now the brain is using that eye.

Kind of an interesting thought.  I had heard that one can use vision therapy to improve accommodation--you know, improve long range and short range acuity with vision exercises so that you don't need glasses.  In other words, people can train themselves to not need glasses, or LASIK, or whatever.

I just got my contacts again, but I think I'm going to continue vision therapy without them for now.  The last week seems to have been very productive.  My vision is really getting quite good.  It seems as though suppression has gone down very substantially in the past week.  It's weird.  It seems like the less vision therapy I do, the more progress I make.  Heh, it might be an indication that I've way overdone it in the past.  Lately I've been doing a one-off, one-on schedule.  I may even do less: two days off, one day on.  We'll see.

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