Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#375 session

Not too much to report.  I did about four sessions between the last proper entry and this one.  I've been doing substantially less.  Sometimes I take off two days in between VT sessions.  My vision on Sunday was excellent.  I noticed a lot of improvement.  I'm hoping that Diplopia speeds things up quite a bit.

My Oculus Rift shipped on Sunday.  The ETA is Wednesday.  I already have the Diplopia beta.  All I need is for the hardware to come and I will be able to run the game.  Diplopia is supposed to be able to support nVidia 3d Vision, which I have, but the beta version I have doesn't seem to support it.  I haven't messed too much with it yet.  I'm going to really start getting into it once I get the Rift.

I won't deny it.  I am excited and have high expectations.  From what I've heard, it's extremely effective.  People who've tried it say that it produces a lot of strain on the eyes that they can notice for a long time later.  One of the guys says that he started seeing depth within a few seconds of using the game (having had congenital stereoblindness).  He's someone for whom vision therapy was ineffective.  James says that for himself it took a very slight amount of time in the game in order to start seeing depth.

In a podcast James Blaha, the creator of Diplopia, said that the Oculus Rift is revolutionary because it allows us to have absolute control of what is coming into our eyes.  He envisions lots of applications for the headset.

It makes me think that classical vision therapy may be extremely comparatively weak, and that we may soon have much, much more powerful options available for fixing strabismus, as well as other visual conditions.  I've done vision therapy for 3.5 years and logged at least 1,200 hours of continuous vision therapy.  I will very soon have a new tool which very well might allow me to achieve my goals in a few sessions.  Um... yeah, I'm excited, for myself, and for potentially everyone.  The next post should be interesting.


  1. I hope it works positively for you. I eagerly await your progress. As always, keep your spirits high!

    1. Yes. I hope so as well. I actually have the Rift right now. I just haven't yet had the time to get it to work with Diplopia. Hopefully I'll have Diplopia working by the end of this weekend.