Thursday, July 10, 2014

#364 session: VT vacation

I didn't do any VT for about seven days.  I had gone to New England for a family reunion.  I brought my VT gear with me, but I was so sleep deprived (bad hotel beds) that I knew that any VT I did would be useless.  So I didn't do any.

But that break from vision therapy did seem to have a positive impact.  It was around the fourth day that I was looking around a table at my mother's aunt's birthday party, and I noticed that it seemed that my left eye was turning on.  I knew at that moment that if I did some exercises, the feedback would have indicated progress.

I think every three weeks or so I'm going to try taking off four consecutive days for long term recuperation.  I have suggested in a previous post that my current regimen is pretty hardcore.  I think it's probably true with vision therapy, as in learning and lifting weights, that you get stronger during periods of rest.  So it's good to take mini breaks (one day off between two days), as well as a larger breaks (perhaps four consecutive days) every two or three weeks.  It just seemed so striking how much my vision seemed to improve while I was doing no vision therapy--as if my eyes finally had a chance to adapt to the constant load I was giving them.

To be clear, my current regiment is (while undergoing anodal tDCS stimulation on o1 and o2):
  • Tracking the finger monster in the closet, while standing on a wobble cushion for ten minutes.
  • Clown Saccades for about two minutes.
  • 20 minutes of antisuppression solitaire.  
In particular, I've noticed that my accommodation is getting quite better with tracking the finger monster.  It's usually quite hard to get both input streams accommodated simultaneously while looking at the monster on the right (this is not a problem on the left for some reason).  But now it's getting a bit better, especially if I move it slowly from the extreme right (such that the nose blocks the left eye's view of the monster) to the left.  

Today I was looking down at an energy drink and some of the things that were near me.  Yep.  The stereo cues were there, and stronger than I remember them ever being.  Things are still moving forward. 

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