Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Seeing in Stereo

It occurred to me that more people read this blog entries than I thought. I don't know who my readers are, but I imagine that a good proportion of them have strabismus like myself.  Anyway, here's my contact information if people are interested in communicating with me.
andreas bielschowski (Facebook)
andreas_b ( is a website that I started in hopes that it could become a resource for people who have strabimus and who find themselves not knowing what to do and where to start in terms of vision therapy.  It's a place that I made to provide a context for effective vision therapy.

I participate in vision therapy Facebook groups and there are often times when people would have a question that had been answered before.  It would be nice if there was a place, or a post somewhere that could be quickly referenced which answers the question.  That's one of the things that the site provides.  So if someone asks 'what are some good eye exercises?'  I can tell them what exercises I find effective and send a link, like this:

The hope is that people will find the information useful, and perhaps add their own exercises.  It is, after all, a forum.  So if you feel like you know about exercises, or tips, or have gained knowledge about the visual system that you wished someone had explained to you earlier, please feel free to register and share!  It's simple to register.  It's free of course.  It may take a few hours to get the account activated since I have to approve all members.  I learned that I have to approve members manually, otherwise, the forum becomes flooded with spam.

Knowledge sharing in the context of vision therapy, in my experience, has been extremely important in getting me to where I currently am.  So that's what the site aims to provide: a community context for vision therapy.

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