Monday, January 6, 2014

#204 session: continual refinement

It seems time is speeding on by these days.  As I've said before, I'm just about done.  Achieving stereopsis is just a matter of fine-tuning.  Now I'm primarily concerned with markers of objective improvement and relating those markers of objective improvement with my own perceptions of improvement.

One of the objective markers is looking at the hypertropia on my left eye.  That's looking good, but it's still there, and it's not a particularly reliable method of gauging progress from what I'm learning.  Another objective marker is the amount of time that it takes for me to achieve approximate fusion with light tube exercises.  Light tube exercises are looking so good that I'm starting to see something beyond approximate fusion.  I'm getting very very close to fusion.  Light tube movement exercises are a very good and high resolution objective marker.

Yet another objective marker is when I look down at my feet.  Ewa, a member of our Facebook group, mentioned in a thread that her vision was much better when viewing objects from particular angles (when she was looking at her GPS in this case).  I think this is a general phenomenon for strabismics.  It's easier to avoid double vision when viewing objects from some angles vs others.  For me, a reliable way for me to get double vision is when I look down at my feet.  When I look down at my left foot, I see two left feet.  This is obviously not good, since this is not what a binocularly normal person would see.  So if my vision is improving as I say it is, that means that I should see improvement in my diplopia when I look down at my feet.  And this is in fact what I'm seeing.  The double images have come together substantively over the past week.

All of this corresponds with improvement in subjective experience--particularly with objects that are near me.  A few days ago I played SpecOps, The Line in stereo.  The game sucks, but it's a pretty good stereo experience.  And yeah... I experienced more 'pop'.  I saw two soldiers walking on a sand dune and the way they popped out--I had to stop for a moment and say 'whoa...'

So morale is good.

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