Sunday, January 19, 2014

#217 session: productive week, tangible improvements, plugging away

It was definitely a productive week.  I started going back to cycling through filters again.  I just started using Alpha Omega.  I notice the out-of-sync accommodation problem more clearly with these filters. So when I do the light tube workout it's pretty strenuous and stimulating.  But I'm able to get my binocular posture very close to where it needs to be (both eyes accommodating, paying attention through both eyes, and having the input perfectly fused) by the end of the workout.

I am noticing more depth. I noticed it in particular last night when I was looking at things around me.  There is a place that I go to that has dollar bills posted all over the place.  The edges curl up and out, so it produced a nice depth effect.  I think it was a result of the good workout that I had from earlier that day.

What else... my hypertropia looks freaking awesome.  It looks really really good.  As in, it's very close to being gone.  I am pumped.  I just wonder how much more I'm going to see when I stop suppressing completely.  I have a feeling it's going to be quite a bit more because I know what suppression looks like, and I know how good things look with one eye locked on target.  If I have two locked on target, it must be crazy good.

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