Sunday, January 1, 2017

What seems to be happening

There are a few things that I'm noticing that are happening.  I'm still seeing improvement, but also changes in unexpected ways.

One thing is that I'm correcting more for my hypertropia.  This makes sense because I'm not ever doing any exercises which accommodate for my hypertropia.  I suspect it's happening because my esotropia is improving so much, and that's decreasing my suppression, and so the result is that what's  standing out the most is the hypertropia, which jumps out into the foreground, and so it's on me to actively combat it.

Another thing that's unexpected is that I'm able to get up to the second to highest level in the fixation cards.  I'm not quite there yet, but I saw a level of improvement that was unexpected.  That begged the question 'just how much divergence does this require?'.  Of course, that requries finding out my IPD, which I just did, using this mirror method.  My IPD is 66 mm--50th percentile.  Dead average.  Then I measured the distance between the targets on the second to the top, which is about 55 cm.   The very top is something like 70 mm, so I don't anticipate ever being able to get the top targets.  Doing so would require going exo.  But it does at least makes sense that the second to the top is achievable--and actually surprisingly achievable.

That's what's really so surprising--how much ground I'm covering in such a short amount of time.  It's freaky.  It's like every time I get excited about how fast I'm moving, something else puts it into perspective, and I'm reminded that yes I'm covering a lot of distance, but there is a lot of distance to cover, and you're not done yet.

The degrees of freedom are opening up.  It's getting easier and easier to diverge and converge and focus on different things, but it should be very easy to get everywhere.  There shouldn't be some default area where my eyes want to situate themselves which makes it harder for them to go in some areas than others.  The resting place should be neutral, and my eyes should go from one place to another with facility.  I'm not there yet.  There is still some tuning of the accommodation reflex that is required.  That is apparently my key to a neutral binocular posture.  A more neutral posture will then enable antisuppression exercises to really be beneficial.  That will make the hypetropia even more obvious, which I will then tend to.  And it will go into a cycle, which tightens up until I have a totally neutral posture with no angular deviation.

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