Friday, December 30, 2016

Steady progress

Seems like I slowed down in the past week or so.  For a while there it seemed like progress was occurring extremely quickly.

To be clear, I still think I am making rather smooth progress.  It is just that the perceived improvement isn't always so smooth.  That is one of the benefits of doing so many different exercises.  Vision therapy exercises, almost by definition, provide you a meter with which to gauge progress.  Having a variety of different gauges is very beneficial for letting you know whether you are truly stuck, or just having a poopy day.

Actually all of my gauges are pointing to smooth incremental improvement.  The prisms and fixation cards.  Check.  I'm now vacillating between two diopter prism and no prism.  I'm still working with that technique that I talked about before with getting good accommodation on the right eye, and focusing on fixation with the left.

I am noticing improvement about every day.  It is a very incremental thing.  Every day it takes less time to get equal acccommodation across the eyes.  I've been experimenting with different 'fuse' 'focus' sets, from the bottom, to the bottom middle, to the top middle.  I doubt I'll ever be able to fuse the top set because I think that would require going exotropic.  I'm fairly certain that my eyes are straightening out, steadily.

I've been noticing this in particular with my modified Brock String.  Diverging out to the last string has always been--not necessarily a pain in the ass--but it always required effort.  Now it's pretty easy.  In fact, going from each bead to the other has become very--quite--easy.  Also moving the bead around my entire field of vision is seeing improvement.  The distance between the double beads is getting smaller and smaller.  Yeah, I keep saying that.  But it's true.

Finally--oh yeah, I can't talk about Vivid Vision.  I am working on it.  It is software for people with strabismus.  It, like other vision training, provides feedback.  I'm seeing improvement in that as well.  Alright.

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