Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Subjective experience caught up quite a bit with game metrics

I noticed a very substantial change in my vision today.  It was my second day off from vision therapy, so my eyes had some time to rest.  It's hard to put it in words, but the double images are coming closer together.  Objects are beginning to appear vivid.  The stereo cues are getting much stronger.  I'm noticing 'layers' more.  Particularly when I was driving my car.  I notice the dash in front of me, the rear-view mirror, and of course the cars ahead of me.  They're all there in their own layers, and I'm aware of all of them simultaneously.  What a trip.

I'd heard people talk about experiencing depth in layers before they recovered full stereopsis.  So that's exciting.  It's sort of funny.  I was looking at my scores in that game the other day and was impressed at how the numbers were going up in such a rapid and steady incline, but I didn't notice much in perception.  But I knew that if I was indeed perceiving depth better and better in the game as indicated by my improving score that the improvement should soon translate into improved depth perception in everyday life.  And indeed, there it is.  Wow!  Cool.

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