Saturday, September 5, 2015

Regimen switchup

As mentioned in previous entries, I'm now following a new protocol guided by Doctor Tran of Vivid Vision.  The prescription is to play the Bubbles game (and some other new game) for 30 minutes per day, five days a week while using plus one reading glasses.

I'd done this for around four times already. The first go around was a reminder of that game that I'd played a long time back but couldn't see any therapeutic value in.  But after I gave it some time I realized what a brutal workout it is, mainly because the game makes my hypertropia very obvious, so I'm putting in a lot of work on correcting it.

The first time I could barely play the game for five minutes before the discomfort/strain became too much.  The second time, I think it was fifteen minutes.  The fourth time I was able to put in the entire 30 minutes.  I took off yesterday.  Today I was about to do it, but my computer wouldn't turn on.  No nothing.  No fans, no lights, just one sole power light on the motherboard so that you can power it on without the jumpers.  Did some basic troubleshooting, thought it was the power supply, ran around the corner, picked up a new one, and tried again with the new power supply.  Still won't work.  There are only four components needed for the computer to power on.  Power supply, motherboard, CPU, and memory.  Not the power supply, unlikely the memory, since I already tried with one DIMM and trying a different slot.  So I was forced to go out and get a new motherboard.  Shit.  Hopefully it's the motherboard and not the CPU preventing the thing from kicking on.  Although that would be a good excuse for upgrading the computer.  I need it for vision therapy!

As far as progress goes, I think that the new regimen is causing rapid progress.  The hypertropia appears to have gone down substantially in just the few times that I'd done the vision therapy.   It leads me to believe that when you're doing the right things under the right guidance, progress in vision therapy should be extremely quick.  The reason I'd been doing vision therapy for over four years is because I am uneducated/didn't have the right guidance/didn't have the right technology.  It looks like that's over.  So we'll see.

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