Saturday, February 15, 2014

#245 session: increased lazy eye mobility

I'm probably going to increase the frequency of my posts since I feel like things are starting to move quickly, and I'm going to have stereopsis relatively soon.  It's just that there's more to report, and I'm noticing new changes on a daily basis.

One of the things that I'm noticing is improved mobility.  As suppression decreases, smaller issues with the lazy eye become more apparent.  In order to have binocular vision, both of the eyes have to be working in perfect synchrony.  Having imperfect input (conflicting input) is somewhat tolerable because of my suppression.  Usually the conflicting input isn't a big deal because I can superimpose most of the time.  I lose superimposition when I change focus to something at a different area of my field of vision, or if I'm tracking something.

But now this de-fusion is becoming less tolerable with the decreased suppression and that's driving increased mobility and motor control.  Again, this is another example of sensory fusion driving motor fusion.

When you shift your gaze from one side of your visual field to another (either saccadic or pursuit movements), ideally, there should be something close to a 1:1 correspondence in the movements of your eyes.  That's not the case for me.  The fixing eye moves right to the target, but for the lazy eye to get to the target, it sort of takes two steps.  It'll get there, but not in a single instant.  If it's a pursuit movement, it'll get close to the target, and then I have to sort of 'un-stick' it and tell it 'go' in order for it to get there.  The good thing about this perceived 'stickiness' is that my mind is no longer tolerating laziness on the part of my left eye. Although the correction is done consciously, I imagine that it will eventually become an unconscious maneuver in not much time.

Another thing that I've been noticing is that the light tube looks god damned good.  That glowing circle is beginning to look great--fused.  And also, I'm noticing something about it that I have experienced before, but haven't noticed in a long time.  I'd mentioned it in previous blog entries (somewhere around #session 40 or so), but what would happen is that I would consistently oscillate between sessions where I had to actively correct my hypertropia.  Some sessions I would have to push the eye down (and thus the lazy-eye image up) in order to superimpose; other sessions, I would not.  I had hypothesized that this was because as the lazy eye loses suppression, minor problems with it become noticeable and become intolerable to the brain.  So they have to be fixed with conscious correction.  I haven't experienced this in a while, but it's been happening in the past couple of sessions.

Also, the subjective experience has seen a very big improvement--even just today, and it's only 3:44pm.  I asked a lady at the grocery store where the ethnic food isle was, and when she explained to me that our HEB is not well stocked, she gesticulated with her hands, which gave me a pretty solid stereo effect.  Awesome.  Things are going great.  I'm stoked, and quite happy at the moment.

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