Thursday, February 13, 2014

#243 session: fastening the system into place

I sort of predicted that this was going to happen.  As I get closer to stereopsis, my daily subjective experience of improvement is becoming more pronounced.  As my eyes align themselves, and as the diplopia becomes less and less, the experience is becoming more vivid and I'm now experiencing more... and the visual experience is becoming more powerful.  I'm noticing the changes daily.  It's particularly noticeable when I'm looking down, say, a lit hallway or something where there's distance and where I can trace vanishing points.  It's becoming more obvious to me why people in general are such visual animals.  It's because properly functioning eyes provide a visual experience that is intensely stimulating--far beyond what a stereoblind individual can understand.

As for exercises... lately I've made some small changes.  I'm now doing five minutes of Columns, five minutes of tracking with my finger monster, five minutes of clown saccades, and then about 40 minutes of circular movement light tube exercises, all while providing anodal stimulation to my occipital poles.  And I'm going to swap out Alpha Delta filters on Saturday for Mu Upsilon.  I've done two weeks with Alpha Delta.  It's time to give those cone cells a break.

The last few nights I've also been getting back into playing SpecOps: The Line, in stereo 3d.  My stereo power is definitely increasing, and it's particularly noticeable with these stereo 3d games.  I'm going to keep stereo 3d gaming in the regimen.  I think it's probably a good addition to the current regimen.

As I get closer to fusion, I become more clued-in as to what it's going to be like--this idea of both of my eyes being locked on target to the same spot in space; this idea of not having diplopia; this idea that when I'm fusing I'm not going to be looking at something with a particular eye, but both simultaneously with there being no preference between the two.  When this happens, there will likely be a very rapid diminishing of suppression since all of a sudden visual conflict has been reduced to zero.  Suppression can be completely shut off.  The complete loss of suppression, I imagine, will be an intense experience.

Right now it's as if I've got the bolt twisted down to the end of the threading.  All I have to do is now torque it into place.

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