Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reaping the rewards of focusing on fusion

Not much to say here.  I've seen quite a lot of improvement in the past month or so.  Way more improvement than what was seen from when I initially started using prisms with the fixation exercises way back in October (I think?).  Indeed, changing my focus to fusion was the right approach.

Focusing on fusion appears to be what is needed to ameliorate the accommodation out-of-sync issue.  Apparently practicing fusion with exercises causes my brain to want to practice fusion in real life for the most time, and so the real healing of the accommodation reflex occurs outside of exercise.  

Not sure how much time is left, but the changes that I'm seeing are real.  The changes with the double vision on the Brock String exercise is incredible.  They are so much closer to each other than they ever have been.  And the amount of prism that I can use and still comfortably practice fusion with the fixation cards is down to two--not like before, because I was forcing accommodation, but I'm genuinely on a two now.  

I'm also getting the impression that the Vivid Vision is starting to work on me.  I suppose I think that you need a certain amont of alignment for it to work.  Not sure whether that's true, but it jives with my knowledge for now.  I'm sanguine and looking forward to the changes that I anticipate in the coming weeks.

I have simplified my regimen a bit.  I removed the Columns workout and the acrylic accommodation sheet with concentric circles.  I think the fixation cards with the prisms are doing the heavy lifting these days. 

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