Friday, January 22, 2016

Brock String and Windlands

Been a while since I'd done an update.

Still been at it, every day.  Usually do about 5-10 minutes of Brock String before I head off to work.
I get home, do some eye stretches, another 10 minutes of Brock String, and then I've been playing a VR game called Windlands.

I'd been doing Vivid Vision for some time, but about a month ago my Oculus Rift stopped working again.  I was able to get it working again by installing the latest runtime and upgrading some drivers.  However, the Vivid Vision software I was using doesn't support the latest runtime.  So I can't use Vivid Vision until it's updated to use the latest runtime.  In the meantime I've been playing that game that I mentioned Windlands.

It's probably the coolest VR game I've yet played.  You run around in a huge open expanse with trees, castles, and canopies.  You have two grapple claws that you can use to grab onto remote objects and pull/whip yourself around to meet objectives.  It's ridiculously liberating.

Uhhh, where am I with vision?  Man, I just looked at my last recorded blog entry and realized how long it's been.  I've made a huge amount of progress in the meantime it seems.  It seems that what I'm doing with the Brock String is really working.  I've been noticing daily changes.  Things are definitely improving, particularly with the Brock String.

I've been changing the exercise quite a bit.  I vacillate between three different things.  I go from normal with the string at my nose jumping my eyes from the closest bead to the farthest.  I do that for a bit.  Then I move the string away from my nose and to my bottom left, left, top left, top right, right, bottom right.  As I have it at each configuration, I do the jumps: close, distance, close, distance.  And sometimes I hop to intermediate beads.  Then the final thing I do move the string around in a circle and I hop around each bead as I do it.  The few areas I have difficulty with the superimpositioning is with the top right and bottom right areas, and generally in the right area.  I can easily get the X on the most intermediate bead.  I can get the X in other places but it's not quite as obvious.  Just today I noticed that I could see the very distant bead pretty well with both eyes.

But I have no doubt in my mind that my vision is improving as a result of this Brock String exercise.  I'm not sure whether the VR stuff helps, but it wouldn't surprise me if that were the case.  Vision these days seems so much easier, so much more natural, and more bold.  The amount of progress I've made in this past month has been substantial.

I'm wondering whether it might be a good time to bust out some anti-suppression solitaire.

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