Sunday, December 6, 2015

Brock and Bubbles


Things are looking up.  As you can see, I've got my highest score yet just today.  It wasn't long ago that 12000 was my highest score.  But that was when I was doing Bubbles for 30 minutes instead of ten minutes.  

I said earlier that I am able to get the X every time with the Brock String for every bead, although that's a little bit of a simplification.  There is some suppression, which means that it's not always an X,  Sometimes I get a bit of a Y, especially when fixating on the bead in the distance.  But that seems to be getting better.   

I do have a head tilt when doing the Brock String, although that's going down a bit.  Things are getting more comfortable and natural. I'm getting more control when jumping from very close to distance.  Jumping back and forth takes quite a bit of work although it's not fatiguing any longer.  It's weird, it almost seems as though I can feel my lens muscles doing work as I jump to distance.  Also, the drifting of the lazy eye is lessening.  It's becoming much more stable and under my control.  Pasquale suggested that I set up tripod in order to film my eyes as I do the workout to make sure that my eyes are doing the right things.  I'm sure that they're diverging and converging, but it might be a good idea to get a good visual on what's really going on.  

This current stage that I'm in appears to be a long ramp, one in which a huge amount of progress is made.  So I'm happy to stay here and see where it takes me.  

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