Sunday, August 2, 2015

Quick update

It's been a while eh?

Things have been going pretty well.  Space looks really good.  Things look really big in my face, compared to before.  I do seem to be noticing improvement just in perceptual changes.  I also seem to know how to turn on the suppressing eye while playing space.  It's an odd sensation, how I feel my muscles when I do this.  My guess is that when I turn on the suppressing eye, it straightens itself out.  But I don't know since I can't see my eyes.  I'm guessing this is the case, because when I turn on that eye and concentrate, I can see the spacecraft quite clearly and this could only be the case if I were looking at the spacecraft dead-on with the fovea (only one since only one eye sees the spacecraft).

However, this is tricky because when I move the spacecraft around, the eye has to move around with it in order to keep the fovea on it.  But that's the fundamental thing that I'm trying to train.  I do feel pretty good about knowing what needs doing in order to progress and there's nothing else I need right now.  Knowing what I now know, I should be able to progress quite a way.

Recently Tuan Tran joined the DIY group.  He's a vision therapist who works with James Blaha on Vivid Vision.  He saw my post and mentioned that I might try to keep that eye on as much as possible during the day, so that's something I've been thinking about quite a bit.


  1. Hey where is this DIY group for Vivid Vision? I would be interested in joining.

  2. Go to Facebook and search for the group DIY Vision Therapy