Thursday, December 18, 2014

Noticeably improved accommodation in myopic right eye

I noticed it this morning when looking at the oven timer.  I noticed that the sharpness of the double images are becoming somewhat equivalent.

For the longest time this wasn't the case.  My right eye is myopic, and since I'd been doing vision therapy, I became aware of the second visual stream.  Then I noticed that the second visual stream wasn't as clear on the right eye as it was for the left eye, particularly for far away objects.

But today I noticed quite a lot of improvement.  Diplopia with tDCS is really working it seems.  I guess it just surprised me that the game would improve my accommodation.

It sort of makes sense if you think about it.  Strabismus shuts off one of the eyes in software to avoid visual confusion.  As a result of that, the brain stops actively using that eye, causing it to become more or less like a limp limb.  Therefore, all of the functions of that lazy eye are going to not be so hot, including mobility and accommodation.  So if you force it to start working with training, it makes sense that vision therapy can improve accommodation, and thus, acuity.

It's just weird that I'm noticing it now.  Perhaps vision rehabilitation is a bit like the development of a baby.  For instance, doctors say that it's normal for kids to develop different abilities sooner than others.  So one baby may develop speech later than others, while developing motor skills, running around, and burning energy.  Different aspects of the baby develop at different times because of the way that their bodies have to manage energy.  But in time, the different abilities tend to catch up, and they become more or less equal.

Perhaps something like that is happening with the eye, and as mobility and coordination improves to a certain point, energy is made available allowing the development for accommodation.  Just like a developing baby.

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