Sunday, October 19, 2014

An update on progress with Diplopia

I mentioned in previous entries that I stopped doing ordinary vision therapy after I got my Oculus Rift.  Now all of my vision therapy is done via the Oculus Rift through the game Diplopia.  I've been playing Diplopia for almost two weeks.  Here's where I currently am with it.

I am making progress with Diplopia, although it's not as fast as the progress which others have reported.  One of the test subjects, Dillon, reported seeing depth immediately after putting on the HMD and playing the game for a bit.  James said that it took around five sessions for the game to correct his vision and to get flashes of stereopsis.  Diplopia seems to work very quickly in general, but not as fast for me, probably because my brain sucks. :/

That said, I am making quick progress.  It's hard to explain exactly how I'm making progress, just that I am.  I suppose you could say that my double vision input streams are converging on one another.  Also, when I look at something close up, I'm very aware of the two input streams.  So the suppression has come down.  With decreased suppression comes more overt diplopia, although it's not very bothersome for some reason, probably because the input streams are converging pretty well.

Playing the games is still tricky.  I'm kicking ass at Space.  I've figured out that game pretty well, and I'm able to fly the spacecraft through the rings with good facility.  It's enjoyable.  Sometimes I lose track of the spacecraft because I can only see it with my left eye.  I can tell that the game is really working my vision. 

The other game, Breaker, I'm getting better at.  It's still tricky, however, especially when I have to whack the ball in certain areas.  Around midfield on the right side I almost always whiff.  My depth perception still sucks in the game Breaker, while it seems to be pretty good at Space.  

Anyway, it's still early.  It's only been a bit more than a week.  We'll see where it takes me in a month.   

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