Monday, May 19, 2014

#333 session: my exercises are pretty hardcore

Things are moving along at a brisk clip, it seems.  I'm currently in a phase of rapid progress--not at all a plateau.  I had a really good day on Saturday.  At one point I was doing an exam (CCNP ROUTE).  One of the test administrators came in (interrupting me) and asked in broken English about a woman who was taking a test.  He was gesticulating in the air, pointing past me.  It produced a fairly powerful stereo effect.

The exercises I'm doing seem to be fairly hardcore.  That is to say, the power of the stimulus is high and to get the full benefit of the exercise, I need to allow the body and brain to adjust--just like lifting weights or learning any skill.  You can't master a skill in a single go.  It takes training, stimulus, feedback, rest and recuperation, stretched out over time.

I've noticed that my 'good eye' days usually happen on days of rest, or a day after my day of rest.  I'm going to try and run with that idea a bit by doing vision therapy on a day-on, day-off schedule: give my system a lot of stimulation, and then give it a break for a day, and just keep doing that.

What else... anything interesting to say?  No.  Not really.  I'm still doing tDCS, I need to make more saline and change the battery.  I'm currently doing 15 minute sessions of Finger Monster in the closet.  I do another 15 minutes of antisuppression Solitaire.  The Eye Can Learn website got rid of Clown Saccades!  Damnit!  I have to find another way to do saccades.

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