Thursday, March 13, 2014

#273 session: less suppression, better control

I saw quite a bit of improvement from Saturday to Wednesday.  I've noticed quite a bit less suppression and control that is quite improved.  This may be a result of making the switch to the bright red/orange Alpha Delta filters.  It's hard to say exactly how my vision has improved over that time, except that objects seem more real, it feels like more information is coming in, and double vision has improved quite a bit.  My eyes (my cosmesis) look better than ever too.

A number of entries ago, I said something about having "developed a binocular 'instinct'."  It's pretty bad wording because instinct actually means the precise opposite of what I meant.  Instinct, by definition, isn't something you learn.  But it doesn't matter.  I think it's pretty clear what was meant.  What I meant is that binocular vision is beginning to make sense to me.  Seeing in stereo is starting to make sense.

Lately I've been thinking of my visual system as a single channel, and I'm trying to squeeze all of the available input into that single channel.  That means paying attention through both eyes, and noticing the particular way it feels while I do that.  Of course, I do that while trying to keep the light tube image accommodated and single.  This is what I call practicing good binocular posture.

But that feeling, and that binocular way of using the eyes is becoming habitual.  It's pretty easy to get into that mode while doing the light tube because that's all I'm focused on.  It's sort of similar to meditation in that sense.  The more you do it, the better you get and the more quickly you can achieve the meditative state.  I can tell that this practice is spilling over into how I use my eyes during the day because of the improved vision.

One of the ways I've noticed this is that it's becoming easier to read print with both eyes simultaneously.  Normally this is not permitted because of the out-of-sync accommodation problem.  When I try to read with both eyes, both sets of print can't get into focus, so the result is a blurry mess.  If only the blurry set could get on the same page as the sharp set, it would be great.  That's still the case, but it's gone down significantly.  I can only imagine how good it's going to look once the accommodation reflex is fully calibrated.

Also, I'm noticing that the range with which I can look at objects with both eyes simultaneously is widening substantially.  There are a few hard spots, such as to my bottom left, and top left, but they're getting much better.  The past five days or so have been quite good.

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