Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#171 session

I'll start making posts more frequently because now more interesting things are beginning to happen; there are more things on my mind; and I'm excited and need an outlet.

Today I saw more depth, more detail, and more information.  It's exciting.  So many things are going through my mind right now: I'm going to have stereopsis soon; it's going to be awesome; I'm going to be able to move on with my life--but with a life that's significantly improved.  Fuck yeah.

I've said those things before.  More depth, detail, and information--but now it's different.  My eyes are now pointing where they're supposed to point.  It's almost as if before the other eye was somewhere else.  It was right there; I could see it, but somehow it was in a different universe.  But that's changed.  Now when I put my attention on that eye, it's right there; there's very little adjustment needed.  The attention can be on the eye almost uninterrupted--which I suppose is the whole point of all of those exercises.  Now, it's almost like I can reach out and grab my eye with one of my hands and have its command.

I can see what people are talking about when they say that it's very stimulating.  Normally I'm a very fearless and reckless person, but I could see that changing when I have stereopsis.  When I was playing XCOM: Enemy Within, there are cutscenes with aliens running around after you've completed your turn.  Before it was nothing.  But now--and I'm just beginning to have stereopsis--I'm getting sort of freaked out by the aliens.  Before they were just a thing--a painting on a wall.  But now it's like FUCK it's in my face!  Jesus shit!  It's going to take some getting used to for sure.  Jesus Christ... Fuck.


  1. I have been following your progress for a while with great interest and appreciate that you are excited about the results you are getting. I am just wondering if you could possibly find some different words to express your feelings because I would like to recommend your site to others who express interest in syntonics, without worrying what their reaction will be. I am assuming you are posting because you want to share this information and that you don't wish to be offensive. I will completely understand if you don't approve my comment. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment Denise. I'll take that into consideration. But I don't know why anyone would be offended. I'm not using bad words against anybody or anything. When I say fuck or shit or something of that kind, it's usually to express an emotion--which--if you have experience with vision therapy you know very well how much emotions come into play. I would imagine that others who are in my situation would know exactly what I'm talking about and would appreciate my sincerity. That's actually one of the main reasons I'm documenting my journey--for those who are in the same place as me.

      If I can help others at the same time that I'm helping myself, all the better. But again, thanks for the comment.